Mini Split Condensers

What does a multi zone system mean?

In a multi-zone mini-split system, the outdoor condenser unit is connected to multiple indoor air handlers units, each installed in a different room or zone. Each air handler unit operates independently, allowing for customized temperature settings in each zone. This means that different rooms can be cooled or heated to different temperatures based on individual preferences or occupancy.

The number of zones or indoor air handlers that can be connected to a single outdoor condenser unit depends on the capacity and configuration of the system. Multi-zone systems can accommodate two to eight or more indoor units, depending on the manufacturer and model.
Multi-zone mini-split systems are suitable for various applications, including residential homes, offices, retail spaces, and hotels, where personalized climate control in different areas is desired.

DIY Mini Split Install, Really?

The MRCOOL® multi zone mini split heat pumps allow for a mostly DIY install for those who are confident in their skills, otherwise a professional install is recommended.

In any install it will require a licensed electrician to make the proper electrical connections.

Another important install consideration that tends to get overlooked is the need to the condenser unit to be secured to a level area. This could be the exterior off a home or a concrete pad, or anything similar.

At Seattle Supply Inc we recommend a professional install for nearly all individuals. Again, the systems are designed to by DIY friendly, so it can be done if the install directions are fully followed and at the same time, there are a lot of things that could go wrong.

A YouTube search will yield a wide variety of install videos, we do not recommended any single video.